My Name is Hope

…take the knot of my body and use it to bind yourself to one another as you travel through this life. I will always hold you safe in your joint climb to a place of greater good. Receive the brilliance and beauty of the light that I send to you. Like this diamond, you came into this world with a unique set of gifts. Find the courage and wisdom to use all of their potential. With love and joy send their radiance back out into this world.

“Reflecting Hope”

Hope’s design includes an ideal cut diamond and a figure eight knot. Her purpose is to serve as a continual reminder that we must strive to use our individual gifts to move mankind to a place of greater good.

The Ideal Cut Diamond

An “ideal cut” diamond is cut to exactly the right proportions and angles to maximize light refraction and reflection. These stones have the ability to bounce all the light that enters freely within and then send all of that light reflection back out of its crown, or top. This ability to move light is what gives an “ideal cut” diamond its visible beauty. People are very much like diamonds. We enter this world with our own unique characteristics. If we choose to strive to “maximize the potential” of our gifts we can send them back out into the world with an impactful brilliance.

The Figure Eight Knot

The figure eight knot is commonly used by rock climbers to securely tie their ropes and bind them to one another when ascending the side of a mountain in pairs. This life is not a solitary journey. The true measure of its success is not the distance of the climb, but the numbers of individuals we are able to pull up with us in the ascent.

Special Order

The Hope Pendant is also manufactured in 14K white and yellow gold. She is available with a single diamond in her head, or with a diamond head and pave diamond wings. We use only ideal cut diamonds when making the Hope pendant. Please contact us for the price and current delivery time on any of these items.


Karen Ewers (602) 956-6100, or email me here.